Stratum port 3342 - IRC #bitember
Bitember News #2
posted 08/04/2014 10:58:16

Bitember News #1
posted 02/26/2014 09:39:59
posted 02/22/2014 10:17:40

We are updating the servers.

Maintenance is scheduled to 23 Feb, 8 AM GMT

Should be quick and painless.

Update: Maintenance complete!

posted 02/11/2014 03:33:09

Apparently our wallet is too big for coinyecoind daemon to handle, so we were forced to resync the blockchain with a new wallet. This is why we kept the website off.

Sorry for the downtime, we should be back soon.

posted 01/26/2014 00:18:58

If you have problems connecting, try port 3343.



Up to 200,000 COYE rewards!
posted 01/19/2014 16:32:38

Are you ready for our newest giveaway? The block finder when our pool is at 150 M/h will receive a 60,000 COYE reward, as well as a total 20,000 COYE bonus to all active users!

Additionally, once our pool reaches 200 M/h, the block finder will receive 90,000 COYE and a total of 30,000 COYE will go to all active users!

Keep up the great work everyone, and let the hash flow! Make sure to keep an eye out for future giveaways!

  • The BitEmber Team
posted 01/17/2014 22:18:23

Giveaway at block reward of 671666 + 5000 for block finder!

50k COYE Giveaway!
posted 01/12/2014 16:53:09

Hey guys, we are offering a total 50,000 COYE bonus to all users who help our pool hashrate reach 50 MH/s. We are already on our way to reaching that hashrate so make sure to invite your friends and keep mining!

There will be more giveaways in the upcoming days. Keep an eye out for them and you might be lucky!

  • The BitEmber Team
Problem seems to be mitigated!
posted 01/08/2014 12:48:18

3340 port is being flooded by loads of unknown connections, crushing down the whole stratum's functionality.

To mitigate the problem we opened up a special port 3342

Try stratum+tcp://

ddos attacks
posted 01/08/2014 00:24:29

Looks like someone is flooding our ports. We will shut down the pool momentarily until all issues are solved.

Meanwhile, cronjobs problems seem to be fixed and all payouts are running as normal.

Finnaly open to public!
posted 01/05/2014 12:44:13

Welcome to Bitember! We are now open to public!

Pre registrations are open, make sure you get a sit earlier!

Happy mining and enjoy your stay